Pregnancy and Hair Growth: Why It Happens and What You Can Do

How Pregnancy Can Lead to Excess Hair Growth


Embarking on the journey of motherhood is filled with myriad emotions and experiences. Pregnancy is indeed a miraculous phase, but it also comes with its set of quirks and curiosities. One such unexpected turn for many expecting mothers is the advent of excess hair growth. As you nurture a new life within, your body might also surprise you with some extra hair strands in places you least expect. But fear not, with Permanence’s trusted galvanic electrolysis, you can confidently face and address these changes.

The Hormonal Tango:

During pregnancy, your body goes through a hormonal roller coaster. It’s can feel like a carnival ride with twists and turns. One hormone, in particular, gets a bit of spotlight – and that’s testosterone. This hormone, often linked to guys, is actually present in both men and women. But during pregnancy, your body might produce more of it than usual. And guess what? This excess testosterone can lead to more hair growth.

Embracing the Baby Hair Surge:

Okay, let’s talk about this excess hair. Some moms notice more hair on their face, belly, or even their back. This phenomenon is known as hirsutism. However, don’t expect it to disappear after the birth – in most cases it is here for good It’s like your body saying, “Here, have some baby hairs while you’re growing a baby!” You have had the baby and now its time to do something about it.

Introducing Galvanic Electrolysis for Women: 

But fear not, we have a secret weapon – galvanic electrolysis. It’s like a magic wand for unwanted hair. Imagine this: a tiny probe goes into the hair follicle, and a gentle electric current does its thing. Zap! The follicle’s ability to grow hair is stopped in its tracks – forever. It’s like saying, “No more extra hairs, please!”

Your Superpower: 

Relaxation: Pregnancy is a journey, and it’s important to enjoy every moment. But if those extra hairs are making you feel a little less fabulous, remember this: relaxation is your superpower. Stress can actually make those extra hairs even more eager to show up. So, embrace relaxation techniques – yoga, meditation, or even a warm bath – to help keep those stress levels down.

Embrace Your Choices: 

As you embark on this magical journey of motherhood, know that you have choices. If excess hair growth becomes a concern, galvanic electrolysis is here to help. It’s safe and effective, giving you the confidence to feel your best.


Pregnancy is a time of transformation, both inside and out. Embrace the changes, including those unexpected baby hairs. And remember, you’re in control of your journey. If excess hair is cramping your style, galvanic electrolysis is like a trusted friend, ready to support you. So, embrace every step of this beautiful adventure!

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