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Permanence Guarantee

As long as you follow your individual Permanence Treatment Plan in its entirety (subject to the special conditions set out below) the Permanence Guarantee will commit us to achieving the complete removal of unwanted hair identified at your initial consultation to your complete satisfaction.

Please note that the Permanence Guarantee does not apply to new hair growth not apparent at your initial consultation. This hair can appear as a result of using other removal methods such as plucking, waxing or Laser. For this reason we require you to allow us to photograph the area to be treated at your initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

Your Permanence therapist will identify the areas of body hair that are of concern, note the density of hair growth and the type of hair to be removed. Some clients are happy only to remove dark hair (terminal hair); others will want all hair, including light peach-fuzz (vellus hair), removed in case this hair turns dark in the future.


Your estimation is based on our extensive experience of the time taken to treat similar cases. It is an estimate of the hours required using galvanic electrolysis to remove the hairs in the area(s) identified at your initial consultation.

Permanence Treatment Plan

Total compliance with your Permanence Treatment Plan is the key to a successful treatment of your unwanted hair. It is a program designed by your Permanence therapist specifically for you to achieve your desired results. We design your personal Permanence Treatment Plan in phases so it can be monitored to ensure you stay on track. You will know the estimated timeframe of treatment required as well as the duration and number of visits needed to complete each phase of the plan.

Should you deviate from the Permanence Treatment Plan devised for you, the results contemplated by the treatment may not be attainable and the Permanence Guarantee will be withdrawn and voided.

Photographs of the Treatment Area

To offer you the Permanence Guarantee we require your consent to having the area to receive treatment photographed by us prior to the commencement of treatment. We will give you copies of these photographs on request for your records and these photographs will not be used by us for any other purpose than to gauge the progress and success of your treatment.

Special Conditions

The Permanence Guarantee is subject to the following special conditions: Any treatment for hair removal prior to or during your Permanence Treatment Plan must be disclosed to Permanence at your initial consultation or subsequently if undertaken after treatment at Permanence has commenced. This includes disclosure of:

  • Medications
    Any medications that have the potential to affect hair growth taken prior to, during or after the completion of treatment eg: co-cyprindiol (diane), corticosteroids, minoxidil, spirinolactone, etc. The Permanence Guarantee is voided if any such medications are taken at any time prior to or subsequent to the completion of your Permanence Treatment Plan without disclosure.
  • Laser, Flashlamp and IPL Treatment
    Hair removal via laser, flashlamp or IPL is not permanent. Hair removed via these methods is expected to regrow within 3 to 12 months, sometimes longer from your last laser treatment. Since these dormant hair follicles will not be assessable at your initial consultation or during your Permanence Treatment Plan, the Permanence Guarantee will only apply to hair identified and photographed at your initial consultation and the Permanence Guarantee will be withdrawn and voided if treatment by Laser, Flashlamp or IPL undertaken prior to or during your Permanence Treatment Plan is not disclosed.

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