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Taking care of unwanted hair for transgender women

At Permanence, our clients are diverse and expertly skilled therapists assess your area of concern at your first complimentary consultation and advise you of the number and length of treatments you require.

Experts in our field, using our unique galvanic multi-probe electrolysis method, we treat each individual follicle of unwanted hair with precision accuracy and offer the best results in hair removal for transgender women, regardless of where the hair grows, your age, ethnicity or body type. We understand how important having the freedom of unwanted hair removed is.

If you are considering facial feminisation surgery, most surgeons recommend eliminating facial hair, as this can distort the true shape of the jawline.

The use of female hormones and androgen blockers can reduce the growth rate of hair but will not permanently remove the hair. We suggest hair removal in the following order:

  • Face
  • Genitals (if required for SRS)
  • Highly visible areas such as the neck, chest, hands and eyebrows
  • Other body areas with male pattern hair growth such as the back, shoulders, buttocks and bikini line
  • Abdomen, arms, legs, feet and underarms


If you’re considering facial feminisation surgery then it’s best to have this surgery before treating the eyebrows. Using our Permanence Method, we can treat individual hairs to help you achieve your desired eyebrow shape.


We understand how you might feel about unwanted hair in this area. We use The Permanence Method, ensuring you never have to worry about unwanted hair returning.


The benefit of electrolysis is that we tidy up and target individual hair from around the nose rim, to any hair that is visible and unwanted.


Our goal is to help you break free from the things that have been holding you back, to enjoy life hair free. We understand how freeing it is to never have to worry about the maintenance of unwanted facial hair.

The Permanence Method of galvanic multi-probe electrolysis is the only permanent treatment for fast growing facial hair. We commonly treat the entire facial and neck area, and we can blend this naturally with your hairline and sideburns to achieve your desired aesthetic.


We can entirely remove the hair down to your neckline, leaving your skin smooth and hair free, forever.


Permanence can help you to remove unwanted hair to give you the freedom to wear what you want, all year round.


Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, using our refined galvanic multi-probe electrolysis method, we can remove unwanted hair in this area permanently. Our skilled therapists are always discreet and pride themselves on making sure that each client feels comfortable.


The use of female hormones and androgen blockers can reduce the growth rate of hair below the neck, but won’t remove it permanently. We can treat this area giving the freedom to break free from the things that have been holding you back.


We understand how time consuming temporary methods like shaving, waxing and plucking can be, which can often result in uncomfortable ingrown hairs as well as occasional rashes. Permanence can remove this hair once and for all leaving your underarms smooth and hair-free, forever.


Permanence understands how it can feel to be self-conscious about unwanted hair. Using The Permanence Method, we can remove all of the hair or individually select and remove darker hair to blend this in seamlessly with the rest of your arm.

Hands & Fingers

Removing unwanted hair from this area is common, at Permanence we can help you achieve hair free hands and fingers, permanently.


Whether it’s treating the entire area, or tidying up individual hairs that run from the navel towards your bikini area, we can help you achieve a natural and blended aesthetic.


Our skilled therapists have experience removing hair permanently from the buttock cheek and crease, giving you the freedom to never have to worry about unwanted hair again.

Bikini Line

We can permanently remove the unwanted hair in this area, giving you the freedom from the constant maintenance of shaving and trimming that often results in ingrown hairs and rashes. Along with that, being hair free means now you can wear what you want.


Depending on the type of SRS surgery you’re planning, your surgeon will recommend which part of the area needs to be treated. Not only are our skilled therapists specially trained in the Permanence Method, they are expertly skilled at working with the advice of your surgeon.

Our clinics are private to ensure that each client feels comfortable and supported to provide the best hair removal results and to keep your skin hair free, forever.


Electrolysis saves you the time and cost of temporary hair removal methods, giving you the freedom of smooth hair free legs, all year round.

Feet & Toes

By permanently removing the hair on your feet and toes, it gives you the freedom to wear anything the shoes you’ve always dreamed of wearing.

Client Stories

Sally was diagnosed with PCOS in her teens, which resulted in course dark hair growth on her face and neck. Having tried many methods that failed, in her 20s she started to secretly shave her face every day. Upon discovering Permanence, she started her treatment plan and saw results immediately. Today, Sally enjoys her newfound freedom and confidence, and describes the emotional impact of not having unwanted hair anymore as “priceless”.

Sally's Story

The hair on my face is not something I consider a problem anymore, and the emotional impact of that is priceless.

I am so thankful for the skill, kindness, and support of Noreen and all the clinicians at Permanence City.
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Permanence is dedicated to fulfilling your desire for beautiful, hair-free skin. We aim to remove hair once, permanently – and we back the work of our skilled therapists and unique equipment with our Permanence ‘Hair Free for Life’ Guarantee.

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