Hair Removal for Men

Find out how electrolysis can work for men too

At Permanence, we are experts in our field, and using our unique galvanic multi-probe electrolysis method, we offer the best results in hair removal for men to remove any unwanted hair on your neck, back, chest and abdomen. We can also help groom eyebrows, nose, ears, and sculpt beards to help you take the hassle out of unwanted hair, forever. Our expertly skilled therapists can assess and tailor a treatment plan just for you.


Whether it’s removing unwanted hair in between your brows, or tidying up the area, our expertly skilled therapists work with you to help you achieve expertly proportioned eyebrows so you never have to use temporary methods like waxing or plucking again.


Using The Permanence Method, we can treat excessive or unwanted hair around the ears, that can be painful, hard to see and time consuming to maintain. We can help you achieve the best permanent hair removal results to keep the area well-groomed and hair free, forever.


We understand how hair around the inside rim, bridge or surface of the nose can be time consuming to constantly trim and pluck. At Permanence we can treat unwanted hair in the area, giving you results that last forever.


Stray hairs on the cheeks is one of the most common areas we treat at Permanence. We can target individual hairs, or the entire area to blend in with your beard seamlessly.


Whether it’s tidying up the beard line, creating symmetry, or removing hair from the entire area, using our refined method of galvanic multi-probe electrolysis giving you the permanent results you’ve always wanted. Removing the hair permanently saves you from the time consuming ritual of shaving which often lead to ingrown hair and skin rashes.


Along with the beard, At Permanence, we can help you create a clearly defined neck and jawline. Our therapists will work with you to help you decide where you’d like your neckline to end or remove hair from the entire area. Treating unwanted hair permanently gives you the freedom to wear shirts comfortably every day.


Patches of hair on the shoulders are common and one of the most treated areas at Permanence. We can help you achieve permanent results to seamlessly blend in with your back and arms, giving you the confidence and the freedom to wear what you want – all year round.


At Permanence, we can remove stray hairs, unwanted hair on the collarbone, or treat the entire area. Our team is skilled to provide the best hair removal results, and to keep you hair free, forever.


Hair on the back can be uncomfortable and hard to maintain. At Permanence we can reduce the density of unwanted hair, or completely remove all of the hair. We work with you to ensure that you’re happy with the results, so we can stand proudly behind our promise to deliver guaranteed permanent hair removal for life.


At Permanence, we can help you reduce the density of unwanted hair on your arms, or completely remove the hair entirely – depending on your personal preference.

Hands & Fingers

We can treat stray hairs on the back of the hands and fingers working with you to achieve results that last permanently.


Using our own refinement of the galvanic multi-probe electrolysis method, we can remove unwanted hair permanently on your abdomen blending this seamlessly with the chest area.


Our skilled therapists have experience removing hair permanently from the buttock cheek and crease, so you never have to worry about unwanted hair again. Our clinics are private the ensure each client feels comfortable to provide the best hair removal results.


Ingrown hairs, and skin rashes can be a problem if you play regular sport or go to the gym. Removing the hair permanently takes the hassle out of unwanted hair, forever.


If you’re a cyclist constant shaving can be a hassle and is time consuming to maintain. At Permanence we can treat the unwanted hair by reducing density or completely removing the hair from the area.

Client Stories

Sally was diagnosed with PCOS in her teens, which resulted in course dark hair growth on her face and neck. Having tried many methods that failed, in her 20s she started to secretly shave her face every day. Upon discovering Permanence, she started her treatment plan and saw results immediately. Today, Sally enjoys her newfound freedom and confidence, and describes the emotional impact of not having unwanted hair anymore as “priceless”.

Sally's Story

The hair on my face is not something I consider a problem anymore, and the emotional impact of that is priceless.

I am so thankful for the skill, kindness, and support of Noreen and all the clinicians at Permanence City.
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Permanence is dedicated to fulfilling your desire for beautiful, hair-free skin. We aim to remove hair once, permanently – and we back the work of our skilled therapists and unique equipment with our Permanence Guarantee.

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