Delving deeper into electrolysis

Unlike some methods of hair removal, the Permanence Method of galvanic multi-probe electrolysis can be used on all parts of the body – even on tattoos, moles and sensitive areas of the skin.

Various parts of the body grow hair at different rates and densities so the number and length of treatments will vary depending on which part of the body you elect to have treated. If the area of skin to be treated grows both dark, thick hair (terminal hair) as well as light, fine peach-fuzz (vellus hair), you may choose to have both types of hair removed or only the more noticeable dark hair. For all these reasons, our therapists conduct a detailed examination of the area of skin you wish to have treated at your first visit and advise you of the number and length of treatments you will require.

From the menu above or the images below, select treatments for menwomen and transgender. Each page has an interactive body map to select treatment areas from. Also on this menu is information on treatments related to medical conditions that can cause unwanted hair growth: PCOSmenopause and pregnancy. These pages can assist you with the causes and treatment of the hair-related side-effects of these conditions.

Take the time to read our page on after-treatment care of your skin Post-treatment Skincare to avoid infection and ensure your skin returns to normal as quickly as possible.

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