Post Treatment Skincare

Proper post-treatment self-care

Hair removal using multi-probe galvanic electrolysis has been proven a safe and permanent method of hair removal over more than 130 years of application on all skin and hair types and all skin colours.

There are few reactions from the treatment.   You may experience none or some of them from time to time. Most important to remember is that the majority of reactions to electrolysis are a normal and necessary part of your skin’s healing ability and that most problems arise when attempts are made to conceal or prevent these reactions. Be patient with the recovery process.

Please become familiar with each of the possible reactions discussed here and its treatment as inappropriate skincare treatment after electrolysis could easily lead to further aggravation and a slowing of the healing process. Your therapist may have highlighted parts of the aftercare brochure you were given that she believes are especially applicable to you.

If you have questions or concerns following your treatment, please contact Permanence immediately. Report any reactions to your therapist at your next treatment. It may be possible to modify your treatment regime or provide additional post-treatment instruction.

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Factors that Contribute to Skin Reactions

  • Treatment Location Some areas of the skin, such as the upper lip, are more sensitive than others and have more potential to become slightly swollen or red.
  • Healing Ability The speed or rate of healing varies from person to person. Physical health and state of hydration are major factors influencing this.
  • Environment The healing process often slows down in hot or humid weather.
  • Intensity of Treatment The more hairs treated in a given area, the greater the likelihood of swelling and redness occurring.
  • Skin Exposure Skin that is exposed rather than covered by clothing is less likely to be aggravated by chaffing, has less chance of picking up infection and will be more able to dissipate heat resulting in quicker recovery.

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