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Client……………Heather Campbell
Clinic…………….Sydney City

Ever since I was a teenager I have had dark coarse hairs on my upper lip and chin. This had really knocked my self confidence and I would often hide my face behind my hands and hair. I had tried several methods of hair removal, waxing, threading, single needle Electrolysis but nothing was working.

When I moved to Sydney from Scotland in 2015 I was looking for somewhere to continue my single needle treatment. Luckily I found Permanence. Within 8 months, attending for an hour every fortnight, my chin was clear of hairs. After 3 years there has been no re-growth and the dark coarse hair is gone. This has really improved my confidence and I no longer feel the need to hide my face. Thanks to Monica and Noreen at Permanence. If I still lived in Sydney I would get all my hair removal done here as it really works.

Please come to Scotland.

Clinic…………….Sydney City


This note is to show you my greatest expression of saying a MEGA Thank You to you both for an excellent job in ridding of annoying hair from my face forever. The shaving nightmare had finally ended.

That was what I had been waiting 45 years for this.

Ironically, I am perfectly happy with the rest of them on my body but absolutely no facial hair.

Louis, you are to be fully commended for an excellent work.

To the new and future customers, I highly recommend this wonderful clinic for all of your removal needs.

Gratefully yours,

Clinic…………….Sydney City

I first found the Permanence clinic when I was searching frantically online. Desperately hoping there would be someone out there who actually cared about my situation and could do something effective to help.
Here’s how it all began…..At the age of 51 I decided after raising my 3 wonderful children and working, I would do something nice for myself. I had always had a complex about facial hair and had done what many women do and had plucked odd hairs and waxed my upper lip. Always feeling like I had it under some control.

But then menopause hit………. and I felt the hair was getting more noticeable. Many laser clinics were beginning to appear in the city and suburbs and there was a lot of talk about how it was effective on dark hairs, so I went in and got an appraisal. They checked my skin type and the hair and said ‘yes, certainly our treatment can help’. They sold me a laser treatment plan and a lot of products  and discussed a skin care plan. I was quite happy, until after…… 10 x 20 min treatments, I was noticing the hair was growing back but was very light, but more of it than I had before.

I went back to the laser clinic and they said they couldn’t help with light hairs. As time went by it got worse and I got more desperate. Here I was, a wife, a grandmother, mother, an employee who had respect from my colleagues and I had done this stupid thing that I thought would alter my appearance forever. I felt like I looked like a man. My grand-daughter (4 years old) would brush her hand across the side of my face and I knew she could see it. I felt ashamed and stupid.

I had been promised improvement and in the end, the result was the total opposite. They then said that sometimes the laser will stimulate hair growth but because its light there is nothing they could do. The treatment seemed to have escalated the hair, mainly on one side of the face and neck.

I did have a facial hair issue when I went for treatment; however I wish I had researched and explored other avenues of treatment prior. During this search I learnt that light hair can only be treated with electrolysis. That’s when I found Noreen’s Story.

I read her story and thought that lady is so strong, she has been through so much!! but was still able to conquer and find a solution. With hard work, persistence and dedication she was also able to help others. God didn’t want us to be humiliated she once said to me and it just gave me peace. I wasn’t stupid, I was trusting.

To date I have flown from Adelaide to Sydney 3 times and I’ve had 9 hours of Permanence multi-probe electrolysis now. Its not an easy treatment, but boy, does it have results!! Noreen and the team are wonderful, they take you under their wings and treat you like a person. They care!!

After my Permanence treatments, I felt comfortable to look people in the eye again, work and cuddle my little ones. All the priceless things in life. I know there are a lot of women out there who are in worse situations and that’s why I felt so strongly to tell my story.

My before photo was taken when I started with Permanence and the 2nd photo is after 3 treatments. The difference is remarkable. It has now been 2 years since I did my 3 treatments and although I need to have further treatment, you can see that what has been treated, has never come back

Clinic…………….Sydney City

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Permanence! I had been doing single needle electrolysis elsewhere and with 12x 3 hour sessions was getting nowhere. I found Permanence and have done 4x 4 hour session and have seen immediate results. Although this process is longer I found doing a longer session with all the probes working in two different areas worked best for me.

In the name of beauty there is some discomfort and I have found ways to deal with it

After the treatment, I use Permanence calming cream – it really works.

Before going to permanence, I was led to believe there was no such thing as a guaranteed permanent solution – Noreen told me in her 30 years + of guaranteeing her work, she has never been challenged on results by anyone who has done the treatment – now I can see why she was so confident in my initial consultation because I am now on the end of my treatment – and it
Just does not Grow Back

The staff are friendly, helpful and know their stuff. Just be patient as it will be worth it in the end.

Clinic…………….Wagga Wagga
Area Treated…Chin / Upper Lip

I have been seeing Julie at her Griffith rooms since December 2015. I have suffered for years from excess hair growth on my chin and upper lip and had tried (unsuccessfully) for years to rid myself of this annoying and unsightly problem. I had been trying VPL hair removal, which again was unsuccessful when my beautician recommended I give Julie a call, as ‘she would definitely be able to help me’.

And help me she has! I can say that after approximately 10 months of treatment, which in the beginning was every 2-3 weeks and is now about every 6 weeks, I am proud to say that I am almost hair free on my upper lip and chin, with just a few stragglers hanging on for dear life. Whilst the process is not painless, it is bearable, especially once you get to the stage I did where you are determined to do anything to get rid of the hair.

To say that I am grateful to Julie and the Permanence team is an understatement. Thank you for providing a service that actually delivers what it promises! Thank you Julie, you are awesome and a truly lovely friend.

Therese  November 2016

Clinic…………….Wagga Wagga
Area Treated…Neck

My neck going hair-free!

I have been seeing Julie at Permanence Wagga and area I have been having treated is my neck.

Since I was 14 I have struggled with a hair problem with black hairs on almost every part of my body. When I first noticed the problem I straight away went to shaving which appeared to make it worse. All through my teen years I was SO body conscious as well as having an acne problem. I hated my body so much and would pray to god for it to all just go away.

I have been seeing Julie at Permanence in Wagga wagga and she has been my god! She has answered my prayer! She has worked her magic on my neck with hair I have been shaving for about 4 years that was getting so bad even shaving it you could still see the black dots where the hairs were just sitting under my skin.

I have had a few sessions with Julie and we have done amazing together! She is so passionate about helping us poor girls who suffer from hair problems. Electrolysis is painful, I wont lie, but if you are truly determined to be hair free you can do it!

If you have a hair problem I highly recommend you speak to the girls from Permanence in your area, I still have a few stray hairs on my neck but my skin is clearing and repairing itself from constant shaving. Now its almost “normal”! Thank you so much Julie. You are amazing!

Tarsha  August 2016

Client……………Princess R
Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Face

I first met Noreen in April of 2015. I am blind, I’m a double amputee and I have to go everywhere with my wheelchair yet I was greeted on my first visit with warmth and compassion.

I have been struggling with hair removal all my life with lots of promises and lots of money down the drain. Noreen explained the process she would use and guaranteed her results.

She didn’t say, “because you have a disability you shouldn’t spend money on yourself”, as some of my friends have. She said, “you are beautiful already but I will make you more so and your skin will glow!” After 5 months my skin glows. People ask me what I’ve been doing. Have I had facials?

I would like to express my gratitude to Noreen and her staff as they have enhanced my quality of life. I am near the end of my treatment and I highly recommend Permanence to anyone undergoing hair removal without hesitation.

Princess R  January 2016

Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Face

After doing lots of research on permanent facial hair removal I decided to try galvanic electrolysis and I’m so glad I did. I had very little pain, there was no downtime, and I had perfect results. This really works, and I wish I’d known about it before spending years of worry and wasted money on other methods.

Thanks so much Noreen for your enthusiasm, honesty and expertise. You’re terrific and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Rachelle  August 2015

Clinic…………….Wagga Wagga
Area Treated…Face and Neck

I am only too happy to write about my experience with Permanence, in particular, with Julie from Permanence in Wagga. It has not yet been a year and I am already enjoying an almost hair free face! ( I say almost as a few hairs still pop up given it hasn’t even been 12 months yet).

When I started with Julie she told me it would take at least a year to treat my hair and, to get the best results, I should have regular visits every 2 weeks and then monthly. I was only too happy to start and was surprised that it may only take a year. Julie was determined in every visit and cleared my face each time. Within 6 months I was on top of the world as I could already see the fantastic results. To be honest, the results I was seeing at 6 months were what I originally envisioned to be the results after year. I couldn’t believe how well the treatments were working.

Before I saw Julie at Permanence, I would wax at least once every week on top of constant plucking. My skin was red raw and sore and appeared to be very damaged, like accelerated aging where I had to wax, not to mention the in grown hairs and the horrid black spots where the hair was showing before it had length to grab at.

I was very depressed as the hair was getting worse, not better, and spreading so fast. My chin, jaw line and all under my chin and neck were an issue. Being in my 30’s, I was really panicked…’How would it be in my 40’s…. would I be literally having to shave each day like my husband’ the thought literally scared the hell out of me and to me, was a major problem. I would shy away in conversation so my hair problem was less visible and when I had to attend meetings or social events I would need to calculate when I would need to wax or pluck so the problem would be less visible.

Now my skin looks amazing, I haven’t plucked once or touched a wax pot since starting Permanence. Now that my facial hair is well and truly almost a thing of the past, I’ve even started to get my bikini line done. It has proven to be more of a ‘discomfort’ than my face treatments were, so I only have short visits and I know the process will take longer, but that’s my choice and I’m still happily overwhelmed with the results so far.

Julie has been a godsend. She is patient and encouraging and always supports me, even when I’m being a sook (which is often). I have zero pain threshold! I have to lie down for a blood test, so if I can put up with an hour session of 2 machines of Permanence electrolysis, the discomfort really is very little, contrary to what many think about electrolysis.

I don’t know where I would be with my hair problem if I hadn’t found Permanence and Julie when I had and I don’t even want to contemplate it. I tell everyone and anyone about Permanence. I’m no longer embarrassed about my hair problem, or should I say, the hair problem I used to have, as I am confident that it’s a thing if the past. I know how bad and embarrassed I felt and if I can help one person who may be feeling the same, then any awkwardness on my part is well worth it.

Thank you to Permanence but more importantly thank you to Julie for making this journey possible for me. I couldn’t have done it without your support.

Monique  April 2015

Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Face

I first came to see Noreen at Permanence about 16 years ago when I was suffering from hirsutism. I was quite a depressed 21 year old at that point who could do nothing with the hair growing out of control on my face. I had tried waxing and that only seemed to make it worse.

Having had electrolysis on my face, it has made me feel confident to face the world. My skin is much clearer and hairfree and I don’t have the problem with hormonal facial hair that my friends worry about now.

Having Noreen help me was so important as I knew she had the vision to see me hairfree as she had been through it all herself and her passion shines through. I definitely recommend Permanence to those who suffer from unwanted hair and who, like I was, are probably disillusioned from trying other methods. Thank you Noreen for making such a big difference in my life!

Tina  April 2015

Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Chin and Neck

Bianca Paintings


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Bianca  April 2015

Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Chin and Lip


Then and now

I am 91 years of age and Noreen has made my life so much happier by treating the unwanted hairs on my face.

The treatment has been painless for me and I can truly recommend Noreen’s expertise in permanent hair removal.

Maisie  April 2015

Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Face and Neck

My hairfree cheeks

There was a time in my life when I checked my face daily for wayward hairs. I would tweeze any that dared show themselves and could easily spend an hour a day at this. It was becoming a losing battle.  Looking back, it is obvious I had PCOS but mum said, “It will go away. It’s no big deal.”

It didn’t, and it WAS a big deal that left me feeling self-conscious and hesitant. I would shy away from people.  I simply couldn’t engage in a normal conversation.  I was afraid people were as preoccupied with my facial hair as I was. 

I thank my lucky stars I saw the ad for Permanence.  I can’t say the process was easy or simple but I followed the instructions I was given to a tee. I also focussed on my goal which was not simply to remove hair but the goal of getting my life back!

It took 180 hours to completely clear my face and the hair has never come back.  I have had no scarring and my skin condition has been excellent since I finished. Almost 20 years later I still come in for a check-up every 2 to 3 years but there is no sign of the hair returning.  No-one would ever know what my face was like back then.

My Permanence treatment has given me my freedom back. Most of all, it has given me social confidence.  These days my work takes me around the world which involves public speaking both internationally and at home so, yes, I can truly say I have gotten my life back!

Sylvia  March 2015

Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Face

I very much wanted to write this testimonial, both as a thank you to Noreen and also to benefit potential customers looking for information. I had been thinking about permanent hair removal for my face for some time but, as a mature woman, laser wouldn’t work on the greys and the waxing was starting to become so frequent it was inconvenient.

I was in the Dymocks Building one morning and went to the clinic to ask about treatment. Noreen made an appointment for a consultation. That was the start. At the consultation Noreen explained the procedure, how it works, how long it would take and then the cost. Noreen also said that often less treatments were required so it would probably cost less. 

As I was to find out over the next 10 months Noreen is true to her word. We are almost done with the regular treatments and it has taken considerably less treatments than the number in the original quote.

I was to learn many things about the fabulous Noreen. She is very passionate about her business, wants it to be the best, and according to a friend of mine in the beauty business Noreen is known to BE the best. Noreen is professional without being disconnected, personable without being gushy and very good with those needles. 

One of the things that makes Noreen different from others is that she is always looking to improve. In the last few months the business has taken on new staff, new equipment and a refurbishment of the office. During the business development  I never had an appointment rescheduled (unless at my request), or was kept waiting.  

It took me a long time to finally take the step to permanent hair removal. I’m glad I did and I’m glad I had Noreen to get me through.

Sharny  November 2014

Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Chin (compares Thermolysis to Galvanic Electrolysis)

I have to admit I found Permanence totally by chance. I’m your usual busy working mum and sometimes I just run out of time to go to the beautician. But a meeting in the city was put back an hour so I searched for a salon close by and luckily Noreen had a half hour spare.

Now I’d been getting electrolysis done on my chin for about 12 months. Every couple of weeks I’d lie still and have an electrode stuck in my chin in the hope that at some stage there would be a real reduction in the number of course black hairs that had appeared around the time I turned 35. So that’s what I asked for – 15 minutes of standard electrolysis (Thermolysis).

While she was working on me, Noreen mentioned the multi-probe technique she’d brought back from the US and told me how successful it was in permanently removing hair. I remember lying there thinking, “Yeah right, another ‘permanent’ hair solution.”

So it was another 2 months and 3 electrolysis sessions later that I again had a spare moment in the city and booked myself into Permanence.

To be honest, I don’t know what really motivated me to give it a go. I thought, “If it works I’m going to break even real soon and if it doesn’t its only an extra session or two.” But I think it was Noreen’s passion about her treatment that got me over the line.

So I booked in for an hour of multi; let the hair grow as much as I could bare for the week before; and came into the salon for the treatment.

As Noreen was working she began telling me about how she had discovered this galvanic electrolysis method and how she wanted to share it with Australian women. I was so cynical I still didn’t believe it would work any better but the results were, quite frankly, amazing!

In just three hour-long treatments, each about 4 weeks apart, all the course dark hair that was appearing in my chin has totally disappeared. Although the skin on my chin was quite red and spotty immediately after the treatment, now it’s clearer than ever because I’m not constantly plucking hairs out of it.

This really is the ONLY permanent solution to unwanted hair. I’m already saving money on electrolysis treatments and I just feel happier and more secure when I’m not having to constantly pick hairs out of my chin.

Noreen – I just can’t thank you enough.

Jeannie-Vida Mum, daughter and 38 year old Editorial Director  September 2014

Clinic…………….Sydney City
Area Treated…Hairline

Noreen, It has been a gift finding Permanence.

I was doing research on the best methods for permanent hair removal and found the multi-needle technique. I was then lucky enough to find your facility that actually does it. Hardly anyone does. I was wondering why that was; now I know, because it works so well and permanently. Businesses would have a hard time making money because it is a permanent solution.

I had previously had 26 sessions done somewhere else on my hairline over 18 months. I can honestly say that in two sessions, you have done more for my hairline then the previous 26 elsewhere. It is as close to a miracle as I can get. “Just awesome” sums up my experience. I want to tell everyone but hardly anyone talks about this personal issue. I want people to know that they shouldn’t waste their time or money going anywhere but Permanence, and I am not easy to impress. Well done!


Area Treated…Eyebrows

Dear Noreen,

It has been nearly 12 years since my first visit to your clinic. I feel a lot wiser though!! I often wonder what a brave and wonderful decision it was that to walk through the door of your Drummoyne office in mid 2000. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you and your staff did on my eyebrows and how nicely they are shaped now.

I have not touched wax or tweezers since the day I walked in. People often ask me if my eyebrows are tattooed. If they knew the hours we spent on those Friday nights together goings, “just a few there, one here, two there, so on and forth”. The thing that made it easy and possible (let’s face the fact that it was not the best feeling in the whole wide world at the time especially when those magical fingers would not let go of a few hair on the upper lip) was your amazing personality and a great sense of humour to make those 3 long hours go fast as if no time ever passed. Who knew there was so much entertainment when one could not speak!! And above all, you understood what it was like to have and to live with all those horrible nasty ugly unwanted hairs on your face day in day out.

So to you and to your wonderful team, thanks a million for making me feel like a woman and I am forever grateful.

Warm Regards,


Having had a full face of hair that I needed to shave twice a day so it wasn’t noticeable, electrolysis changed my life. The Permanence Team transformed me from a person who wouldn’t look you in the face, to being confident and presentable.


This letter is to thank you for recommending I receive your multi probe treatment for my hair problems in the lip and chin area of my face. In just 5 treatments the hair growth is practically nil and it is such a relief to see such rapid results. I am feeling so good about my appearance. It is definitely the best decision I’ve made!

I would also like to say that I have been most impressed by your enthusiasm and professional attitude towards your work and I am so fortunate that you were recommended to me.


I can only recommend highly the specialists at Permanence for their expertise in the area of electrolysis.

I had a very severe case of facial hair and was very embarrassed to seek professional help. I had been waxing the upper lip and bleaching the rest of the hair. However, when I finally had courage enough to approach Noreen, I was given the Royal Treatment. Noreen not only is a professional in her field, but is also very sensitive to peoples feelings making you very much at ease and more confident in yourself as time goes by.

Electrolysis is the only way of permanently removing hair, and although it is a long process, it is one that is well worth persevering with. I can say that I am a very satisfied customer.


Dear Noreen,

If my diary is right, it will be one year since I started electrolysis at Permanence. I am now near the end of a process that has given results I would hardly have credited. But you did guarantee and you of course were spot on! But you have given me much more than hairless features. You made me a part of the Permanence family.

Without your support and that of all those at Permanence, I can’t see how I could have made it this far. I knew from the first visit I had met a remarkable and unique person. Your positive attitude, energy and kindness have been a great help to me. Through you I have met others that will be my treasures for life. Thank you and good fortune.


Starting from my early 20’s I gradually began to grow dark hairs on my chin and then the sides of my cheeks. First I plucked the hairs and subsequently I resorted to shaving as the growth became too heavy to control with plucking. The shaving and plucking caused skin irritation, rashes and pimples, but still didn’t fully hide my problem. After about half a day, you could see the black dots reappearing on my skin, along with the red shaving rash and ingrown hairs.

By the time I was 28 I had given up thinking I would find a solution. My life was being restricted by the problem. I was embarrassed and had lost a lot of confidence. Having resigned myself to the fact that I would have to put up with shaving every morning for life, I noticed an advertisement for Permanence in the local paper. What gave me hope was the fact that they didn’t seem to mind how bad the problem was. They seemed to be confident that it could be treated. I decided to give it a go as by that time, I didn’t care how much it cost (I was prepared to spend my life savings), or whether it would only give a partial cure to my problem.

I had a consultation with Noreen and was given an estimate of the number of hours it would take to eliminate all of the facial hairs, the cost and the length of the period over which treatment would have to be given. Noreen’s frankness and honesty was impressive. She described exactly how the treatment would work and the likely results.

The results have been far better than I could ever have dreamed of. The hairs have just disappeared like magic along with the rash and the pimples. The process was relatively painless After an hour it was hardly noticeable that I had had a treatment. These days I don’t have to worry about shaving every morning or covering up my chin. I am back to being a normal person now after being a freak for too many years of my life. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about Permanence earlier. It has been such a small price to pay for getting a normal life back.