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New introductory offer on galvanic electrolysis.

Our clinicians average over 3000 hrs of experience!

Our Method

We use our own refinement of the galvanic multi-probe electrolysis method to treat each individual follicle of unwanted hair

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Why choose us

Noreen Roesler has spent her life improving galvanic multi-probe electrolysis and sharing her success with as many people as possible

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Finance your removal

Not everyone has the funds readily available to pay for hair removal. We have a finance option available through Australian Credit Acceptance

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Thanks to Noreen and the girls, I am no longer embarrassed when dealing with people in my work situation. My social life has also improved.

In just 5 treatments the hair growth is practically nil and it is such a relief to see such rapid results… It is definitely the best decision I’ve made!

I can only recommend highly the specialists at Permanence for their expertise in the area of electrolysis.

Without your support and that of all those at Permanence, I can’t see how I could have made it this far


Permanence is dedicated to fulfilling your desire for beautiful, hair-free skin. We aim to remove hair once – permanently – and we back the work of our skilled therapists and unique equipment with our Guarantee.

How we care for you

Our clinics provide a private and comfortable environment for your treatment. Your progress will be reviewed at the start of each session with your therapist and a photo record can be kept of your treatment area to accurately monitor your progress

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Our promise

Permanence will give you the freedom and confidence to never again be embarrassed or frustrated by unwanted hair. Contact Permanence and be hair-free for life.

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Why choose us

Our goal at Permanence is to ‘cure’ you of unwanted hair – not just remove it. Because of this, we offer our unique guarantee: follow our treatment plan and the hair you identify for removal will never be back

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Our method

At Permanence we are proud to have developed the Permanence Method. Decades of proven results leave us confident it will provide you with the best hair removal outcome and ensure your unwanted hair is removed

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