Freedom for life.

Electrolysis - permanent hair removal. Forever.

We help you break free from the things that have been holding you back to enjoy life, hair free. It’s why we back our work with the Permanence Guarantee. Our clinics are discreetly located with skilled therapists available morning, evening and weekends to fit into your busy life.

27+ Years

Time Permanence has spent improving and perfecting the multi-probe electrolysis.

Hair Free, Forever

Our method delivers guaranteed permanent hair removal for life. It's that simple.


Each individual hair is treated with absolute accuracy removing the follicle’s ability to grow.

Cost Effective

Removing hair once means ending the regular financial strain of repetitive temporary solutions.

Noreen's Story...

“At 15 I was a snow-white blonde Cinderella. At 16 I was one of the ugly sisters.”

Noreen was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which resulted in unwanted dark hair growing on her body. Noreen received a form of electrolysis, but she was disappointed with her failing treatment, as it was meant to be permanent.

After much searching, she found galvanic multi-probe electrology – a truly permanent solution, that would not just rid her of unwanted hair, but also help her regain confidence and freedom.

Her dream today remains the same: that no person with unwanted hair will ever have to walk the road that she walked, and that a treatment for permanent hair removal will always be available for anyone who wants it.

Useful Information

Just a few of the most common questions we get asked about electrolysis hair removal. Questions? Give us a call today.

Electrolysis is the only form of epilation, or hair removal, classified by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) as permanent. Learn more!

The level of discomfort you feel will depend on the area being treated and your own level of sensitivity. Our therapists are trained to work with their clients to minimise discomfort during treatment. Get in touch with any questions!

Electrolysis is the only option for achieving permanent hair removal. Electrolysis targets individual hair follicles, permanently destroying the part of the follicle responsible for hair growth and is suited to all genders, skin tones and ages.

Laser works by selectively heating dark areas of the skin (mostly hair) to damage or destroy it. 

Read more in our comparison.

We design your Permanence Treatment Plan tailored to you, so we can stand proudly behind our promise to deliver guaranteed permanent hair removal for life. Read about our Hair free for life Guarantee.

The Permanence Method is suited to all genders, skin tones and ages. Unlike some, the Permanence Method can be used on all parts of the body – even on tattoos, moles and sensitive areas of the skin. Find out more information on our treatments page.

At Permanence, treatments are charged at an hourly rate and become more economical with increased length. As the hair density and area of concern is a determining factor in the overall cost, it’s best to come into one of our clinics and speak to our expertly skilled staff for a free consultation. A Permanence Treatment Plan will be tailored to you, and you’ll be provided with our table of rates. Based on the treatment schedule that suits your needs, you can be confident from day one that you will know the estimated cost of achieving your goal. Click here to book a free consultation.

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Drummoyne Reviews

Neo Saber
Neo Saber
03:59 14 Oct 19
I have PCO and have had problems with excess hair growth my whole life. I struggled with hair on my face and particular... my chin, side of face, upper lip and neck area. I mistakenly did a few rounds of laser on my chin and neck, what I didn’t know was that laser can increase hair growth. I ended up with excessive amounts of hair growth on my neck where I didn’t have a big problem before. The hair was dark but thin and very long. I chanced upon Permanence one day while driving past and thought I would at least give it a go. Now this was the best decision I made. I’ll admit I had a lot of hair and it took many treatments – 2hours sessions every few weeks for a year, and I won’t lie to you it hurts. But it did work, the long hair on my neck is gone and on my chin and side of face has been reduce to just small white fluff (which I can totally live with). I’m no longer self-concise of people looking at my hairy face I can actually look people in the eyes and not feel terrible with myself. As my condition effects my hair growth I still get some dark hairs on my chin and upper lip which I still need some treatments for. Richard has been great through it all and I would 100% recommend him for your more
a farlow
a farlow
23:04 04 Oct 19
I've been treated by Richard over the years for different areas and can swear by it. The hair removal works unlike... laser and it is not painful if you use the numbing cream. I've recommended it to many friends and now my husband will ne doing it. Thank you!Angelica Fread more
Sharia Clay
Sharia Clay
00:05 08 Oct 19
I’ve done 2 treatments on my chin and so far I’ve seen amazing results. The hair on my chin was very coarse and didn’t... respond well to laser treatments. I can honestly say that I’m amazed after just 2 treatments. Gemma has done an amazing job thus more

Sydney CBD Reviews

Elizabeth Hunter
Elizabeth Hunter
12:35 23 Jul 19
Tiffany is fantastic and takes great care of me. I was advised have had excellent results on my chin and lower face.
K Louisa
K Louisa
20:10 02 Jun 19
I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. This place and the staff (Noreen, Louis and Monica) changed my life. If... you’re reading this, what you need to understand is this is not like laser but this most definitely is PERMANENT. I’ve had over 100 hours so I should know 🙂 you’re charged in hours for treatment as the probes are put into the hair follicles and the electro current kills them. For good! What you also need to understand is this process needs commitment and trust with the staff. You need to complete the hours they recommend to achieve the result. It doesn’t happen overnight, again many people will go in with an expectation of laser zapping hairs away immediately, this is a quality long lasting process that requires more attention and time. I was a mess when I turned up at that clinic, crying as I’d suffered from unwanted hair growth my whole life and laser had actually made it worse. It had got to the point that I was anxious and paranoid about being around people. If you’ve had this, you know the feeling. Anyway they supported me, not just doing the treatments but the staff emotionally supported me and it felt amazing to go there and trust them. And to just talk about it for once as I’d spent life to date hiding it. Noreen deserves more credit for the technology she’s engineered (the electrolysis machine) and what she’s done for the industry. Yes the method has been around for decades but she’s invested in developing machines that will kill the hair during any stage of growth. So ignore anything you’ve heard of when it comes to ‘electrolysis being ineffective but costly’, yes this is more expensive than laser. And yes for me laser was cheap and provided more of an instant result. But long term, it also stripped the pigment from my skin and ended up stimulating more hair growth which eventually came through. You get what you pay for! Anyway I wish I could say more about this place. I think it’s amazing and I have a lot of respect/love for everyone that works here read more
Yes No
Yes No
06:24 08 Oct 19
Another wonderfully successful treatment today- thanks Tiff! A big thanks for Kim for understanding that my train was... delayed and to work with me to make sure I still got the full time for my treatment. The most hygienic electrolysis location I’ve been to- they really go to lengths to make sure everything is clean. So easy to get to by train. Very understanding and provide great advice to help meet your hair removal goals. Highly recommend!!read more

Client Stories

Sally was diagnosed with PCOS in her teens, which resulted in course dark hair growth on her face and neck. Having tried many methods that failed, in her 20s she started to secretly shave her face every day. Upon discovering Permanence, she started her treatment plan and saw results immediately. Today, Sally enjoys her newfound freedom and confidence, and describes the emotional impact of not having unwanted hair anymore as “priceless”.

Sally's Story

The hair on my face is not something I consider a problem anymore, and the emotional impact of that is priceless.

I am so thankful for the skill, kindness, and support of Noreen and all the clinicians at Permanence City.
Read more

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