Making the Switch: Why Galvanic Electrolysis Triumphs Over Waxing and Laser

Do you know how many $10,000’s you spend on waxing and laser over a lifetime to get rid of unwanted hair – that naturally grows back over time?   Not only is it a lot of money, but waxing and laser results don’t last a lifetime. If you want to get rid of your unwanted hair forever and have effortlessly smooth skin, here are reasons why using galvanic multi probe electrolysis hair removal is your best option of the lot.

Waxing results don’t last

Wax is applied to the area in the same direction of the hair growth. It is then covered with a cloth and pulled back against the growth of the hair.   This cracks the hair somewhere under the skin, the better the wax treatment, the lower the hair is cracked giving a better result.    If your unwanted hair is too short, these hairs will be missed and that dream of effortlessly smooth skin is just a dream For best results, you must grow your unwanted hair a little longer but, hey! Hair is cyclic so it is never going to happen that all the hair will be at the right length. Sooooo, every few weeks you will be back to the wax pot again,and again, and again!

What? You thought laser hair removal  was permanent?  

Sorry Laser hair removal results have never been approved as permanent. According to a prominent Laser company “Depending on your hair and the treatment area, the treatment program typically lasts anywhere up to 18 months” You may see significant results   after a few laser treatments, but it will require several treatments to complete the process. 

 But then, Maintenance sets in and hair continues to grow.

Are you a laser refugee experiencing one or all the following:

  • Massive stimulation after you thought it was going so well,   
  • New dark hair in areas that never saw a dark hair,
  • A small percentage of people, especially with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) get full body stimulation. 
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Loss of pigmentation

Then it’s now time to switch to something that works – forever!

Why the switch?

Did I hear it’s a permanent result you wanted? If yes, then Galvanic Electrolysis is your solution.

Significant results can be seen after only 4 treatments, but, dependent on the density of hair to be permanently removed, your clinician will advise an estimation to complete the selected area. Your treatment program if followed, will take 12-18 months to achieve your smooth hair free skin that will last a lifetime – 100% Permanence Guaranteed.   

The reason it is a minimum of 12 months, and considering that most of the unwanted hair will be removed withing 3 months, is because our body hair goes through three growth stages: the anagen (growing), catagen (changing), and telogen (resting) hair cycles.  Each interval duration is unique to the specific area being treated. Galvanic multi probe electrolysis is effective in destroying the    stem cells in the hair follicle, in any stage of the growth cycle whereas laser and thermolysis (single needle hair removal) can only have an effect in the follicle in the anagen phase, or when your hair is actively growing. To treat every hair and guarantee effective hair removal, your only option to achieve this result is the galvanic multi probe – the only method approved by FDA to deliver “PERMANENT”.  Depending on the area, Density of hair and skin type, your treatments can be from a few days apart to several weeks apart.  

Ready to get started with your permanent hair removal treatments? Check out our website and book your free education consultation today– we are here for you.

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