Find out how electrolysis can work for men too!

While male body hair is normal it can sometimes be disproportionate or excessive making you look older or heavier than you are. Removing unwanted neck, back or chest hair can restore a more athletic and youthful look. Reshaping disproportionate hair growth on the eyebrows, nose and ears can help achieve a more refined, sharper appearance. The Permanence Method can give you that look permanently and with minimum discomfort.


































While it is possible to rid yourself of a “monobrow” or excessively wide eyebrows through waxing or plucking, this is only a temporary solution and can lead to occasional ingrown hairs that can be very painful. Imagine having your eyebrows shaped just once and have them stay that way. Permanence skilled therapists can achieve this over a handful of sessions leaving you with well-proportioned eyebrows which should never need shaping again.


If hairy ears are a problem for you then it is important to attack the problem before the hair becomes too long and thick. Permanence can permanently remove ear hair and restore clean lines to your appearance.


Thick dark nose hairs can be both unsightly and a nuisance to keep in check. Permanence can rid you of this problem – permanently.


Some men grow hair right up to the eyes from a very young age. At 16 this can make you the envy of your peers but, in the long-term, it will make your face look heavy set and prematurely aged. You can persist with shaving this hair every day but the real solution is to have Permanence remove it – permanently. The result will be cheeks and sideburns that are silky smooth and a clearly defined beard line.


If you are one of the unfortunate people who need to shave 2 or 3 times a day then Permanence can thin your beard or even permanently remove it. We can also shape your beard line to give it clear definition.


Sometimes the hair on your face and chest doesn’t quite know where to stop, leaving your beard and chest hair as one continuous pelt. The result can be prematurely worn-out or frayed shirt collars, skin rashes and an ill-defined neckline. Permanence can put a stop to this by permanently removing this hair, creating a clearly defined neckline and properly tapered chest hair.


Chest and back hair that grows up onto the shoulders can look unruly, hide all the hard work you have done at the gym and make it uncomfortable to wear singlets and t-shirts in the summer. Permanence can remove this hair and restore a more natural shape to chest or back hair if required.


You can do all that work at the gym for the perfect six-pack only to have it remain hidden behind a forest of chest hair. Chest hair can also betray your age as it greys and becomes wiry. Permanence can restore your youthful and trim lines by permanently removing chest hair.


Nobody wants “gorilla hair” on their back. It can be uncomfortable, leaving you itchy and sweaty in the summer and awkward around your partner. Permanence can remove this hair and ensure it does not return.


If your arms are excessively hairy then Permanence can help by thinning or completely removing this hair – permanently.

Hands & Fingers

Darker hairs on the hands and fingers can make you look older than you are. Permanence can help by removing this hair permanently.


If your chest hair has advanced all they way past your waistline then Permanence can help by shaping or completely removing hair from the abdomen.


Excessive hair on the buttocks can be embarrassing or simply a nuisance. It is certainly a problem Permanence is used to solving and our therapists have experience permanently removing hair from the buttock cheek and crease.


Hairy thighs can leave you looking heavier and older than you are. Permanence can tame this hair by permanently thinning or removing it.


If you are a cyclist then maybe you regularly shave your leg hair. For others there is simply too much of it. In either case Permanence can offer a permanent solution by thinning or completely removing your leg hair.