Our Mission

Permanence is dedicated to fulfilling your desire for beautiful, hair-free skin. We aim to remove hair once – permanently – and we back the work of our skilled therapists and unique equipment with our 100% Guarantee.

What we do

At Permanence, we use our own refinement of the galvanic multi-probe electrolysis method to treat each individual follicle of unwanted hair. Our method not only removes the hair, it also removes the follicle’s ability to ever grow hair again.

Multi-probe electrology is accurate. Treating individual hairs allows us to sculpt hairlines along the scalp, brows or bikini line with absolute accuracy.

Multi-probe electrology is safe. Galvanic electrology has been in use for over one hundred years. Its safety and success has been well documented around the world.

Multi-probe electrology is permanent. Electrology is the only method permitted to describe its results as permanent hair removal by the American FDA. (See our page comparing hair removal methods.)

Multi-probe electrology is cost-effective. Removing hair once and permanently means ending the regular financial strain of repetitive laser treatments, waxes or other temporary solutions.

Why choose Permanence

Permanence exists because one person, our founder, tried this hair removal method out of desperation for her own hair problem and discovered it really worked. Noreen Roesler has spent her life improving and perfecting galvanic multi-probe electrolysis and sharing the success she achieved for her own hair problem with as many people as possible. (see Noreen’s Story.)

Our goal at Permanence is to ‘cure’ you of unwanted hair – not just remove it. Because of this, we offer our unique 100% Guarantee: follow our treatment plan (see conditions) and the hair you identify for removal will never be back.

We know unwanted hair can sometimes be embarrassing. Our clinics are centrally and discreetly located with early morning, evening and weekend opening hours that will be convenient for you and fit into your busy life.

How we care for you

Our clinics provide a private and comfortable environment for your treatment. Your progress will be reviewed at the start of each session with your therapist and a photo record can be kept of your treatment area to accurately monitor your progress.

Individuality is paramount at Permanence. Hair growth patterns vary enormously from one individual to another and we take great care to consider factors such as hair type, skin type, and any underlying causes of excessive hair growth when assessing your treatment.

Your journey will start with an extensive initial consultation where your needs will be assessed, treatment options explained and a plan developed for effective treatment. You will leave knowing the likely cost and duration of the treatment along with a program of sessions designed to meet your goals and work around your lifestyle.

Permanence will give you the freedom and confidence to never again be embarrassed or frustrated by unwanted hair. Contact Permanence and be hair-free for life.