At Permanence we are proud to have developed the Permanence Method. Decades of proven results leave us confident it will provide you with the best hair removal outcome and ensure your unwanted hair is removed – permanently. We back this confidence with our Permanence guarantee.


We know what we do and why we do it.

The founder of Permanence, Noreen Colonelli, has been an electrologist since 1976. She is a qualified beauty therapist, has trained in multi-probe electrology in the United States and became a Certified Clinical Electrologist in the USA.

As a result of her training and research in the United States, Noreen introduced the use of galvanic multi-probe electrolysis into Australia in 1992 and has become the foremost practitioner of this method of permanent hair removal in the country.

Noreen’s breadth of knowledge and practice of electrology is unsurpassed and she is constantly updating her skills and expertise to ensure that global industry best practice is Permanence’s best practice.


The Permanence Treatment Plan is the key to a successful treatment of your unwanted hair. At your initial consultation your Permanence therapist will identify the areas of body hair that are of concern, note the density of hair growth and the type of hair to be removed. Some clients are happy only to remove dark hair (terminal hair); others will want all hair, including light peach-fuzz (vellus hair), removed in case this hair turns dark in the future.

Hair growth patterns are as unique as you are but your Permanence Treatment Plan is a program designed by your Permanence therapist specifically for you to achieve the results you desire and it will be designed in phases so it can be monitored to ensure you stay on track. You will know the timeframe of treatment required as well as the duration and number of visits needed to complete each phase of the plan.

At Permanence we understand your individual needs and your desire to be hair-free, permanently.


We listen to you. We value your feedback.

At Permanence we are always seeking to improve our service to you and ensure we are offering the best procedures, equipment and aftercare available.

Permanence therapists follow well-proven and clear treatment procedures aimed at producing effective and consistent results. We will always ask you about your treatment experience and are always happy to take on board suggestions, comments or concerns you might have about your experience.

The multi-probe galvanic electrolysis equipment used by Permanence therapists has been developed and refined by Permanence. We ensure that the equipment we use is safe and it is constantly tested to remain that way. We ensure that you receive the correctly calibrated, safe current to achieve the best results for your skin and to keep within your tolerances of comfort.

Permanence’s sister company is currently developing new state-of-the-art multi-probe galvanic electrolysis equipment. Watch this space! For more information on this, please email us at and we will let you know more about these exciting developments.


Our care for you extends beyond the time you walk out our door. Having your hair removal treatment is just part of the service Permanence delivers.

When you start your Permanence Treatment Plan your therapist will explain to you about aftercare to increase the effectiveness of your Permanence treatment. We will also provide you with an aftercare brochure and set out additional aftercare options if needed for you to ensure that you have optimal healing after your treatment.

Permanence therapists are always available to discuss with you any concerns or queries you might have about your aftercare. Please advise your therapist at your next treatment if you experienced any reaction to your previous treatments as this will help us modify your treatment and/or your aftercare instructions to best meet your individual needs.

Permanence has also developed its own range of aftercare lotions available from our clinics.

Regular application of Melfol® Calm Balm will assist in the healing process. Melfol® Calm Balm is a Permanence product which includes the healing power of zinc and the cooling power of spearmint oil. Its consistency also provides a protective barrier. Its unique formulation was developed by Permanence in response to the needs of our clients.

Correctly used, application of Melfol® Calm Balm straight after electrolysis soothes the skin immediately with redness disappearing shortly after. It does not stain and it has a pleasant fragrance.

Clients report Melfol® Calm Balm has extra benefits for calming itchiness, redness associated with sunburn, heat rash, chafing and other skin irritations. It is gentle and calming enough to use for nappy rash, shaving rash and on pimples. When using Melfol® Calm Balm, remember that it does not cure the problem, it just takes the skin irritation away so nature can proceed with its job of healing.

Melfol® Calm Balm is proudly developed and manufactured in Australia and is available exclusively from Permanence. It was not tested on animals.