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7 Reasons Women Grow Facial Hair

Contrary to popular belief, it is normal for women to grow body and facial hair. However, most barely notice it because of its light colour and fine texture.
This hair is usually called peach fuzz. However, there are women who inevitably grow thicker and coarser facial hair.
Such problems could cause many women discomfort. It also lessens their self-esteem as these women become self-conscious about the extra hair on their faces. One of the most common reasons behind why this occurs in women is a disorder called hirsutism.
What is Hirsutism?
Hirsutism causes women to grow excess hair in areas more common in men such as the face and the lower abdomen. Along with the growth of facial hair, menstruation also stops, the voice deepens and there may also be cases of hair loss and balding. This disorder happens in about five to ten per cent of women.
Causes of Hirsutism
There are many reasons why women grow excessive hair and here are some of the most common:
#1 Hormonal Imbalance
It is normal for a woman’s body to produce androgens and testosterone. Their levels, however, are typically low in normal cases. However, levels of androgen and testosterone that are higher than normal can be a cause of hirsutism. Hormonal imbalances can also occur after menopause.
Polycystic ovary syndrome, more commonly known as PCOS, is also connected to the overproduction of androgen. Irregular periods, obesity, multiple ovarian cysts and infertility also often occur in women with this condition.
#3 Race and Genes
Excessive hair growth is mostly common in women from the Middle East, the Mediterranean Region and South Asia. The condition can also be hereditary. Thus, if a woman’s mother, sister or other female relatives have the condition, there is a higher chance she will inherit it.
#4 Medications
Oral contraceptives with norgestrel, birth control pills containing progesterone or anabolic steroids can disrupt the level of hormones and cause the growth of hair on the face.
#5 Tumours
Overproduction and excess androgen can also be a cause of tumours on the adrenal glands, which can cause excessive hair growth.
#6 Obesity
High levels of testosterone in females can also be a cause of obesity. This is because the excess abdominal fat can lead to insulin resistance and insulin in high levels can contribute to the overproduction of androgen.
#7 Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
This condition is hereditary and causes an abnormal production of cortisol and androgen.
Most women experiencing this condition may feel embarrassed and emotionally distressed. Such a condition could also cause these women to be bullied or feel self-conscious.
Fortunately, there is a treatment that allows permanent facial hair removal for women. This procedure is called electrolysis and it is completely safe and approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. (FDA)
The procedure involves the application of negative current to the hair follicle to damage it and prevent it from growing and producing hair. In most cases, multiple sessions are needed to accommodate all the follicles.

However, its results are permanent and definitely worth it. Here at Permanence, Australian women suffering the negative effects of hirsutism can book an appointment for electrolysis sessions.
We understand and care for our clients. That is why our Permanence Treatment Plan is specifically tailored according to our clients.


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5 Reasons Why Permanent Hair Removal is Great for Men

Hair removal is now a popular trend. New and improved technology has also opened new possibilities and methods to make it a better and more effective experience.

In the past, it was women who were encouraged to strip the hair off their armpits, arms, legs and other parts of the body. This was mostly due to the standards of beauty and the prevalent idea that being hairless meant being cleaner.

However, times have changed and hair removal is no longer limited to women. Men have also started discovering the benefits and convenience of being hairless. That is why Permanence offers permanent hair removal for men.

This type of hair removal treatment is called electrolysis and it is the only form of hair removal that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies as permanent. The treatment involves applying negative current into the hair follicle to keep it from growing hair.

Hair removal is usually uncomfortable, but it can also be painless, contrary to the misconceptions, as the probes inserted into the follicle are as thick and small as hair. Furthermore, what makes electrolysis the optimal choice is its permanent results.

However, why should men even consider permanent hair removal?

#1 No More Shaving
Shaving has a lot of downs. First, facial hair can be itchy when it grows. Second, shavers and creams can only last for up to a month, or in most cases, for couple of weeks.

When you run out of cream, you have to head to your local store again to stock up. If your razor has lost its sharpness or is rusting, you have to buy a new one to avoid giving yourself a tetanus-prone wound.

More importantly, razors can cause wounds, especially when you’re running late and you need to get that stubble off. With permanent hair removal, you no longer have to buy shaving creams or razors, which means you can save money.

#2 It Gives You Confidence and a Self-Esteem Boost
If you have any concerns about any problem areas such as shoulders, back or chest hair, being smooth and hairless can make you feel confident and increase your self-esteem. It can also make you look younger and fresher.

Moreover, having smooth and hairless skin can help you look after your skin better because you can see it clearly, and take care of small imperfections before they become big problems, from zits to growing lines. If you apply creams, your skin can absorb the products more since it’s no longer getting stuck on your hair. Lastly, men with neck hair and unibrows can say goodbye to this unwanted hair with electrolysis.

#3 It Saves You Time
Need five more minutes of sleep? Extra time under the warm shower, perhaps? Or do you think you need to change your outfit before you go? With permanent hair removal solutions, you can definitely free up your time, since you no longer have to shave or wait for the wax or hair removal creams to set.

#4 It Sculpts Your Face
Facial hair can cover up the shape and contour of your face or the other parts of your body. Show off the angles of your face with permanent hair removal.

Got abs? Show them off by permanently removing the hair on your chest and stomach. If you prefer having a well-sculpted beard, hair removal can also give you the shape you want to you no longer have to wait for barbers to give you that perfect line.

#5 It Prevents Body Odour
Hair can prevent sweat from immediately drying, especially on the armpits, which causes bad body odour. Your facial hair and armpit hair can also get bad odour when the sweat dries. With permanent hair removal, you can easily dry off your sweat and keep it from producing that ghastly smell that can make the ladies run the other way.

All in all, a permanent hair removal solution for men has many benefits. It saves time and money, increases self-esteem and confidence, and it makes men look cleaner, younger and more attractive.

To make your appointment or enquire about an initial consultation simply call your preferred Permanence Clinic.