Taking care of an infection

Treating infection

It is important that the skin’s healing process be allowed to run its natural course. Be patient. If the skin does become inflamed or infected, use a clean cotton swab to gently wipe the area regularly with hydrogen peroxide (3% W/V).

If the infected area has to be covered by clothing, also apply a thin protective coating of Melfol Calm Balm and cover if necessary to prevent chaffing.

Should the area be more severely inflamed, seek advice immediately from your doctor.

Accelerating your healing

Some of us heal slower, bruise more easily or are more susceptible to scarring either through age, diabetes, or for reasons unknown. If this is you, feedback from our clients says Arnica tablets may assist with the healing process.

Some also report assistance from mixing Vitamin E capsules into Melfol Calm Balm for application to the treatment area and Vitamin C and Zinc tablets may also help but talk to your pharmacist for instructions on using these treatments. These products will not make normal, healthy skin heal any faster.

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