How we take care of unwanted hair problems for the ladies!

Neither age, ethnicity nor body type can predict where problem hair will arise. Depending on lifestyle, hairs that can be a minor nuisance for one person will be a social disaster for another. Some body hair on women can be simply too awkward to get at for regular trimming, plucking or waxing. Whatever the reason for unwanted hair, the Permanence Method can set you hair-free – permanently!









































Hair Removal for Women


Is the hairline across your forehead mis-shaped, forcing you to always style your hair with a fringe? With permanent hair removal your hairline can be reshaped to a more natural feminine forehead and give you the freedom to style your hair to complement your face.


You may be used to going to the beauty therapist on a regular basis to have your eyebrows plucked and shaped and suffered through the occasional ingrown hair because of it. Imagine, however, having your eyebrows shaped just once and have them stay that way. Permanence skilled therapists can achieve this over a handful of sessions leaving you with eyebrows which should never need shaping again.


From as early as 16 the hair in front of the ears can thicken up and start advancing toward the cheeks or the hairline can close in extending down in front of the ears. Trimming can only do so much for this problem hair. The real solution is to have Permanence remove it – permanently. The result will be cheeks and sideburns that are silky smooth and hair-free once more.

Upper Lip

As well as being literally in your face (you see it every time you look in the mirror) growing even a hint of a moustache can be a big blow to your self-confidence. Many girls attempt to deal with it by plucking or waxing only to find it has returned at the worst possible moment. Permanence can ensure you never get caught like that again. Lips are a very sensitive part of our skin but Permanence therapists have extensive experience with removing this hair with as little discomfort as possible.


If you are fighting a losing battle plucking, waxing or bleaching chin hair then Permanence can win the war for you. Dark hairs on the chin are unfortunately all too common as you age. Permanence can see these hairs off and even remove the lighter hairs from your chin to ensure none of them betray you by turning dark in the future. The result will be a perfectly smooth and hair-free chin.


Aberrant dark hairs on the neck are usually caused by hormone fluctuations, either natural or as a result of a medical condition, and can occur in quite young women. Permanence can easily and quickly remove these hairs and leave you confident to show off your neckline once more.


Sometimes the hair on your head doesn’t quite know where to stop. In some women this simply means a lower or more gradual hairline around the neck, distracting from a stylish, short cut. In others it can mean unsightly clumps of hairs growing irregularly around the neck. Permanence can put a stop to this by creating a clearly defined neckline.


Constant trimming, waxing and plucking underarm hair can be the cause of uncomfortable ingrown hairs as well as occasional rashes. Permanence can remove this hair once and for all leaving your underarms smooth and hair-free. You will never see that awkward underarm shadow again.


Hairy arms may look good on a sailor but not on you. Permanence can restore your arms to silky smoothness so you can be confident in sleeveless outfits once more by removing dark or long arm hair permanently.

Hands & Fingers

Obvious hairs are not attractive on women’s hands and fingers. They make wearing jewellery difficult. Permanence is able to remove this hair.


Dark hair on the lower back can be quite common and a real nuisance when it is hard to see and impossible to get at yourself. Permanence can easily remove this unwanted hair and any stray hairs scattered across the upper back ensuring they do not return.


Dark hair between the breasts is a problem frequently dealt with at Permanence. Most women have a light dusting of fine body hair in this area but age, medical conditions and even pregnancy can trigger dark hairs to grow. These hairs can easily be removed permanently. Any remaining fine body hair can be removed as well to ensure it does not grow as dark hairs in the future.


Hair around the nipple is surprisingly common. Childbirth and other events that cause extreme hormone swings can also accelerate hair growth in this area. Permanence can stop the problem in its tracks and remove this hair permanently.


Women have fine peach-fuzz hair on their abdomens but pregnancy and some medical conditions can cause wild hormone swings that trigger the growth of darker hairs. Unfortunately, even when your hormones settle down again the dark hair doesn’t go away. Ethnicity and heredity can also play a part in growing abdominal hair from as early as puberty. Permanence can easily remove this hair and ensure it does not come back.


Shaping or completely removing pubic hair is something you may do regularly or simply on special occasions. In either case it can be painful, awkward and run the risk of ingrown or infected hair follicles. Permanence can permanently sculpt pubic hair to the extent or shape you desire. You’ll have no more itchy stubble to grow back or rash from waxing or trimming.

Bikini Line

It’s a summer ritual: the great bikini line wax or trim but imagine having a natural bikini line right where you want it. Permanence can permanently remove unwanted pubic hair leaving you free to wear your bikini year-round with confidence.


Hair growth on the buttocks can be embarrassing in all sorts of ways: embarrassing to let your partner see it, embarrassing gymnastics to try and remove by yourself and embarrassing to discuss with someone else. It is a surprise then for many women when they discover this is actually a common problem. It is certainly a problem Permanence is used to solving and our therapists have experience permanently removing hair from the buttock cheek and crease.


Hair that seems to migrate up from the legs can be annoying and sometimes hard to remove yourself. Permanence can tame this hair by permanently removing it.


You might spend your whole adult life going through the regular ritual of waxing your legs. Imagine never having to do it again! Permanence can permanently remove leg hair leaving your legs absolutely silky smooth forever.

Feet & Toes

If you are sick of wearing closed-in shoes because your leg hair doesn’t stop at the ankles Permanence can give you the best excuse for new footwear by permanently removing hair around the feet and toes.