NEWS: ANZPATH Transgender Conference

Author and transgender community leader Kate Cummings reported for us from the 3rd biannual ANZPATH Transgender Conference

Organisers of the conference hope this will be turn out to be the most significant gathering to address transgender issued held to date in this part of the world.  ANZPATH has gone to great lengths to engage the gender diverse community in its sessions this year and not simply address itself to health professionals.  The goal of this strategy is to foster understanding from the community of the responsibilities faced by those providing services and offer a venue for the gender diverse community itself to express the issues that are important to it.

Kate Cummings is a professional librarian and freelance writer.  She won the Australian Human Rights Award for non-fiction with he autobiography, “Katherine’s Diary; the story of a transexual”.  She currently edits Polare, the quarterly magazine of the Gender Centre.